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Company Description:

Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Incentive Logic, Inc. is quickly establishing itself as the market leader in providing strategically designed incentive programs that are designed to meet the corporate objectives of their clients. Incentive Logic is an innovative marketing services company that offers a full-line of incentive and reward software and services that enable companies to motivate, thank or reward customers, increase partners' promotional effectiveness and recognize or drive employee productivity. The company’s applications fill critical needs for clients in establishing incentive programs, such as quick set-up, client-branding, cost-effectiveness, real-time reporting and comprehensive data collection and reporting. Incentive Logic works with clients as a strategic partner to provide fully outsourced, end-to-end incentive solutions that ensure success.

Incentive programs range in size and companies require the same quality, performance, and dependability, no matter how many participants they have. Incentive Logic’s technology is secure, stable, and scalable, enabling their incentive solutions to address an organization's toughest challenges such as acquiring customers, rewarding achievement, increasing customer performance and building long-term loyalty. With more than 3,000,000 items from more than 250 global partners, representing more than 500 brand names, Incentive Logic’s rewards are choice in quality and their programs reward positive choices.

With Incentive Logic, companies never have a static solution. Part of Incentive Logic’s incentive program management is that they continuously monitor progress and modify the program to achieve maximum performance on clients’ goals. Incentive Logic’s service professionals have cared for more than 20 million participants that have used their incentive program services. They also train and support their client’s program administrators, ensuring success from their incentive program services.


Automotive Financing

A nationally recognized automotive sales and financing company needed to build long-term relationships with new and returning customers. The company owns and operates automotive dealerships in more than a dozen major cities across the United States, employing several thousand employees. They also have provided billions of dollars in loan financing for their customers.

The client reported the following results:
Satisfaction: 84% of customers were satisfied or very satisfied with the rewards program
Loyalty: 64% of customers would recommend the company due to the reward program
Revenue: 93% would make their payment online when part of a rewards program

Technology Subscription Service

A global technology company needed to increase usage of their popular technology subscription service. The company provides technology services and software for individuals and for the enterprise. This service is one of many technology services they offer. They have multi-billion dollar revenue and millions of customers worldwide.

The client reported the following results:
Frequency: 61% of customers used the service more frequently
Subscribers: 117% total increase
Activity: Active subscribers tripled
Referrals: 46% of subscribers referred others for the service
Promotions: Drove up registration by 25% and new usage by 27%

Manufacturer Sales & Loyalty

A global manufacturer of automotive parts needed to increase sales and brand loyalty in one of their strategic product lines. The company has revenues in multiple billions and employs tens of thousands of people in its plants throughout the world. They distribute their parts through more than ten thousand dealers throughout the United States and dozens of other countries.

The client reported the following results:
Sales: Increased 20% (double plan)
Awareness: Program size more than doubled over previous year
Opportunity: Profile data opened direct marketing channel to sales representatives
Loyalty: 82% of representatives and dealers like the product more because of the program

Consumer Market Research
A leading global market research firm needed to decrease attrition of their consumer panel participants and increase panel participation. The company provides research conducted through panels comprised of millions of consumers that meet specific demographic criteria. The firm has clients worldwide and has revenues in hundreds of millions and more than 1,000 employees in offices in several countries.

Response rates for loyalty points programs were 25% higher than cash incentives. Suspension rates were 10% lower and completion rates 25% higher for points programs.

Also, the client reported the following results:
Retention: Lowered panel attrition by 20%
Response: Increased by 25%
Completion: Elevated by 25%

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